Flawed Premise #1

“I am either physical or Non-Physical, either dead or alive.

“Many people do not understand that they existed before their physical birth.
Many others believe that if they existed in the Non-Physical before their birth, the Non-Physical part of them ceased to be once they were born into this body.
In other words, I am either Non-Physical or physical, either dead or alive.”

Referenced from The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks / Teachings of Abraham

How can we understand this with evidence from our own physical life?

Today, about 70 Billion cells will die, or about 50 Million cells will die every minute.
The same number of cells will also be called forth from your body, and emerge from another cell through cell division.

Just as the death of many of your cells does not mean that your body is dead, the death of your body does not mean that your Eternal Soul is dead.

The greater part of you is alive whether your physical body is alive or dead.

In fact, your physical body completely replaces itself every 7-10 years. 
Divide your age by 8 and you will know how many times you have “died” already in this life.

Understanding this essential relationship between the temporary physical part of you and the eternal Non-Physical part of you will establish a foundation for all relationships in your life.

You will then understand that you are relating to all others on the planet both from a physical and from a Non-Physical vantage point.

When you relate to a good friend, you can relate to the Non-Physical part of them just as you can relate to their physical self. Why not the other way around? If you can relate to that person’s Non-Physical self while they are physical, why not continue to relate to their Non-Physical self when they are no longer physical?

The only way to do this, is to tune to the Non-Physical part of ourselves.
When you do this, you will become aware of the symphony of souls that are supporting and adoring you.

Just as a blind person cannot see your smile and a deaf person cannot hear your loving words, it does not mean they do not exist. 

We are mostly blind and deaf to the world of Non-Physical, yet through meditation, alignment practices and the guidance of teachers like Abraham, we can experience the undeniable joy of the communion with our dearly departed.

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  1. Hello Nate! I am interested in trying a LOA class, but the link for trying one class doesn’t seem active. Are you still taking in new members?


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