How to move up the Emotional Scale ?

What is the Emotional Scale and why do we want to move up it?

Everything that you want, whether it’s a pile of money, a new relationship or a new job is because you believe that in having it you will FEEL BETTER.

Everything that you don’t want, whether it’s sickness, poverty, suffering, or the suffering of others it’s because you believe that in not having it you will FEEL BETTER.

The Emotional Guidance System is your innate navigation that lets you know if what you are doing, saying, or thinking is in alignment with what you desire or not.

People will say, “Well you can’t just go around doing whatever you feel like, because you will be inconsiderate to other people.”

What this person is actually saying is that being considerate of others makes them feel good. They are trying to achieve the exact same goal you are, only in another way.

Happiness is not zero-sum like a monetary transaction. It does not decrease when you share it, it actually increases.

You will be amazed that when you go for what you want, when you ask for what you desire, when you say what you really think, you will feel yourself rising up the Emotional Scale, feeling better and better. It will not come at the expense of others, quite the opposite.

You will become energized, positive, full of good ideas, have good timing, and become a benefit to everyone you meet.

You may then think, “Aren’t I being selfish creating the life I want while others suffer?” 

This is like saying, “I don’t want to be too happy, because I want to leave some happiness for others.”

Your happiness is like a flame that you can use to light others up.
Only a candle that is on fire can ignite another.

Let’s light up our lives and the world.

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