The Creative Workshop Template

In the incredible New York Times bestselling book, Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, there are many powerful processes to help you release resistance and allow your dreams to come true.

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Process #3 in the book is the Creative Workshop.

It is powerful because shen you clarify WHAT you want, you active your desires. When you focus on WHY you want your desires, you can usually feel less resistance than if you try to figure out HOW you will accomplish them, WHEN they will come and WHO will help you do it. 

Focus less on the how, when and who which are generally not in your control, and focus on the what and why, which are completely within your power.

These templates help you practice creating in the four most important areas of your life (or the four areas that we tend to spend most of our time and energy)

Your Body

Your Home

Your Relationships

Your Work or Service

Now it’s your turn! Download the free Template Pack and start writing!


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