Zooming In & Zooming Out ?

How would it feel to drive a car where you couldn’t control the gas pedal and the brakes?

Imagine you have lined yourself up in the direction you want to go, you press the gas, and nothing happens.

Or even worse, you have lined yourself up at the edge of a cliff, just to take a look over the edge, and the gas pedal engages and the brakes don’t work!

As frustrating and perilous as this would be, this is exactly what life feels like when you don’t know how to zoom in and zoom out with your focus.

Any subject that we Zoom In our focus upon, by being more specific in our thoughts, words or actions, speeds up momentum and energy and brings us more of it.

Any subject that we Zoom Out our focus away from, by being more general in our thoughts, words, or actions, slows down momentum and energy and brings us less of it.

If you would simply practice the ability to Zoom In on subjects that give you joy, gratitude, appreciation, and pleasure and Zoom Out on subjects that give you worry, anxiety, fear, and anger, you will navigate yourself to a wonderful life in a short time.

The idea that we can somehow have a balanced and impartial view of the world is a complete fallacy.

As a singular point of consciousness, we are only able to see things through our limited point of view.

Giving up the hopeless task of “weighing all options”, “evaluating all the info”, “seeing things from all points of view” is a major relief because it’s utterly impossible.

There will never be a consensus, a unanimous agreement of the way the world should be.

We all get to create our own reality, and the sooner we learn to focus on what we personally prefer, the sooner we stop trying to control everyone else.

In a field of weeds, there is one flower.
Focus in on the flower.
In a beautiful face, there is a scar.
Overlook the scar.

Zooming in and zooming out does not change the field or the face, but it does change how you feel.

And how you feel is your life.

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